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Disposable Vape Pen

Best Quality Puff Plus Type Original Miso Plus Disposable Vape Pen wholesale Disposable Vape Pen USA with 83 Flavors

  • Item Name: Miso Puff Plus Disposable
    Capacity: 2.4ml /OEM
    Puff Times: Around 800 Puffs
    Resistance: 1.6ohm
    Battery: 550mAh/OEM
    Nicotine Strength: 5%
    1. Lush Ice 2. Grape 3. Pomegranate Ice 4. Mango Ice 5. Banana Ice 6. Peach Ice 7. Blueberry on Ice 8. Strawberry Ice 9. Apple Ice 10. Kiwi Mango Ice
    Total 83 Flavors(As the below picture) Show 


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