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The British people have seven regrets in their lives: 88% smokers regret smoking.

The British people have seven regrets in their lives: 88% smokers regret smoking.

The most repentant smoking


The survey was conducted for 2000 adults. Eighty-eight percent of smokers regretted learning to smoke, with health impairment and financial burden being the main reasons for regret, according to a survey released on July 7.




Some respondents said regret was due to the fact that smoking addiction could lead to premature death or have a negative impact on the health of others.




In addition, one-third of the respondents admitted that they regretted looking for a smoker as a partner, and 28 percent of the smokers regretted not doing more for themselves or their family and friends to quit smoking.




In response to the findings, Adrian Everett, chief executive of E-Lites, a well-known British e-cigarette brand, reported: "I'm not surprised. You can hear people say you regret smoking every day. "




Other regrets




On the list of regrets, there is not enough savings and laissez faire is second or third. The top 10 also included poor grades at school, loss of contact with friends, lack of effort at school, debt, wrong career choices, failure to quit smoking early, and lack of courage.




Poor social life, failure to seize opportunities, no travel, no college education, young alcohol abuse, failure to learn a foreign language, early marriage, tattoos, not driving, and so on are also on the list. Act up




According to a survey last year by the British Heart Foundation, Britons spend 19 minutes a day, more than two hours a week, taking "regret pills" and lamenting their regrets. Regret is widespread, involving love life, family, occupation, health, financial situation, etc.




A similar survey of 2,000 people last year by e-zebra, a British e-cigarette maker, showed that 17 per cent of respondents believed their regrets were somebody else's fault; two-thirds thought regrets made them feel better, wiser and more active; and a quarter said it was past regrets that made them who they are.




"Everyone has at least one regret, especially when they are young," the Daily Mail quoted Everett as saying on the 7th. Some regrets, though small, have an impact on your health, your bank account or your entire life. Some wrong decisions will also affect people around you.




Fortunately, most of the regrets on the list have room for improvement. Action will relieve the feeling of regret. 


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