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Electronic cigarette: enjoyment, no harm to health

Electronic cigarette: enjoyment, no harm to health




Vaporizer have become very popular in the United States in recent years, with annual sales of $400 million and are expected to exceed cigarette consumption within 10 years. Manufacturers claim that e-cigarettes are an alternative to traditional tobacco, satisfying smokers'needs without harming their health. However, many doctors and experts disagree.


Tastes are diverse and fashionable.




At the beginning of this year, NJOY, the largest electronic cigarette company in the United States, sponsored a private party event in a hotel in New York. At the scene, an electronic cigarette imitation of about two meters was set up. During the meal, they tasted delicious caviar and cheese while gracefully smoking, of course, Vaporizer.




Smoking cigarettes seem to be a fashion for smokers in New York. "NJOY has been advocating the benefits of smoking Vaporizer, that is, enjoying the pleasure of smoking without harming your health," said a female guest. Many products even offer strawberry, banana, chocolate, cream and so on many kinds of "taste" choices.




E-cigarette sales are less than 1% of the 80 billion U.S. tobacco market, but they have grown strongly in the past four years, doubling annually, the Times reported recently. About 3.5 million people smoke e e-cigarettes in the United States, with annual sales of $400 million, according to a report on Gothamist.com. Analysts predict that the consumption of Vaporizer will exceed that of cigarettes in 10 years.




The popularity of Vaporizer made the US traditional tobacco companies unprepared. Two of the top three U.S. tobacco companies have begun acquiring e-cigarette companies and developing their own products, according to the Times article. Altria Group, the parent of Marlboro, is still on the lookout, but analysts expect the tobacco giant to move soon.


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