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E-cigarettes may cause health concerns, the government of India announced a full ban

E-cigarettes may cause health concerns, the government of India announced a full ban

In 2018, about 3.6 million middle school students in the United States used electronic cigarette products, an increase from 2.1 million in 2017. In early September, Michigan announced a ban on the sale of nicotine flavored e-cigarettes. On September 15 local time, the governor of New York State and Democrat Cuomo announced the ban on flavored e-cigarettes, excluding tobacco and peppermint flavored e-cigarettes.

It is reported that there are 106 million adult smokers in India. The Indian Ministry of health, which introduced the ban, said it was necessary to ensure that e-cigarettes did not become an "epidemic" among children and young people.

According to a comprehensive report, recently, there have been many objections around the world due to health concerns caused by lung diseases caused by electronic smoke. India banned the production, import and sale of e-cigarettes Tuesday.

However, it has been reported that e-cigarettes, although not containing more than 7000 chemicals in traditional cigarettes, may contain other harmful substances. Opponents also criticized that, in addition to health concerns, the flavor of e-cigarettes is attractive to children, making them face the risk of nicotine addiction.

Data sheet: men smoking e-cigarettes. Photo by Chen Wen, reporter of China News Agency

According to the report, the ban will be implemented by administrative order, and violators will face up to three years' imprisonment. It is not clear whether such products will be banned.

India's finance minister, hitaraman, said Friday that "in view of the negative impact of e-cigarettes on young people, the cabinet approved a decree banning e-cigarettes."


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