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How to choose healthy Vaporizer

How to choose healthy Vaporizer

First, the amount of smoke. The structure design of the whole electronic cigarette, air inlet and air passage. The excellent design of electronic cigarette can ensure a large amount of smoke, and secondly, it can ensure the stability of cigarette volume.

Two. The length of battery life. Batteries are associated with atomizers, and liquid atomization requires a lot of energy, so battery life is a measure of whether an electronic cigarette is excellent or not.

Three, the shape of electronic cigarette. Good product, its appearance is refreshing, rigorous design, exquisite workmanship, can give people a sense of pleasure, contribute to the success of smoking cessation.

Four, taste. The main flavor of electronic cigarette is Marlboro and Chinese flavor, which is aimed at external smoke. Taste is the defect of electronic cigarette, but in recent years more and more attention has been paid to electronic cigarette. The taste is also close to real smoke, such as Chinese and tobacco tastes are close to real smoke. Mint flavor and flue-cured tobacco and fruit taste are generally preferred by women.

Five, after sale. This is a very important part of electronic cigarette. Many inferior products may be broken in a few days. And there is no after-sales service.

The most common problem of electronic cigarette novices:

1: the taste of tobacco oil: generally divided into (fruit) (Hong Peilei) (tobacco) (Bo Helei). The most popular fruit in China is fruit VG. Baking includes (cakes / cream / biscuits, etc.), which are often greasy to smoke and suitable for occasional debugging. Tobacco oil generally imitates real cigarettes or cigars, but compared with cigarettes, there is still a certain difference between tobacco oil and cigarettes, can not smoke the flavor of cigarettes.

2: The concentration of nicotine: divided into (0 mg) (3 mg) (6 mg) (12 mg) nicotine content, the higher the concentration of nicotine, the stronger the laryngeal feel, the higher the concentration of nicotine may cause choking reaction. Generally, pulmonary smokers will choose between 0 mg and 6 mg, most of them will not choose more than 6 mg, and those who smoke heavily will choose 12 mg. If you feel that your throat is not enough, you can buy the diluted nicotine solution yourself. If the throat is too strong, you can add VG glycerin to dilute it. Some players are allergic to PG / propylene glycol, which can cause nausea / dizziness and other symptoms. This group of people can choose the base fluid as pure VG smoke oil.

3: The same bottle of smoke oil taste different: different atomizers, different structures, different air intake and different data may produce different shades. For example, I'm basically stationary, and then I'm looking for an atomizer that's close to my taste, so it's easier to tell the nature of the oil. Take kf4 and KF3 as an analogy. The same bottle of cigarette oil on kf4 you will feel rich, on KF3 you will feel much lighter, so it is important for novice to find a suitable nebulizer.

4: waking up oil: waking up oil is not important for a bottle of tobacco oil. Many people say that tobacco oil should wake up to be more fragrant and mellow, and many people say that tobacco oil will not be so strong when you wake up. For Xiaotian, there is no need, a bottle of finished tobacco oil factory, and then to the merchant's hand, in our personal hands, has been a long time, why should we wake up? If DIY is smoked, it is recommended to take it for a few days.

5: the shelf life and preservation of tobacco oil: the shelf life of tobacco on the market is basically about 1 years. So we try to use it in 1 years. Preserve the principles of our edible beverages and try to avoid direct sunlight.

6: Sweet tongue in the process of smoking: This problem is believed to have been encountered by many friends, this may be condensate, it may also be smoke up.  What should we do at this time? Increase the power to atomize the oil thoroughly, and rub it in the drip nozzle with a cotton.

7: Nebulizer leak: When the problem of oil leak occurs, the first thing we need to do is not to question the quality of the nebulizer, if it is finished heart nebulizer, first take out the finished heart to dry, and then dry burn for a while, so that the heart of the smoke oil dry burned, and then re-installed.

Never run the process of moistening your heart again. This process can easily lead to leakage of nebulizer. If it is DIY atomizer, first check the amount of cotton is not small, did not plug the oil leak caused by the hole. Next is the inspection of aprons, threads and so on.

8: Choice of nebulizer: finished nebulizer I will not say, the next novice player entry can choose DIY nebulizer. It is very important for beginners to choose simple DIY atomizers, such as kf5, KF3, snake mini, sickle, etc. These are relatively good taste, easy to operate DIY. Dripping oil selectable, veil 2.5 tug V2, Kennedy, hobo4.0, AV and so on.

9: Nebulizer cleaning: just got the hand of the nebulizer, it is recommended to soak it with hot water, not boiling completely depends on personal preferences. When hot water is used, remember to take out the apron. Every time we finish smoking a warehouse ready to replace tobacco oil, wash the glass warehouse can be, other parts just take a paper towel wipe it OK.

10: paste flavor: the biggest cause of paste taste is dry burning cotton, and the supply of cigarette oil is not up. Effective solutions to reduce the amount of cotton, not to rub the cotton very compact, Fluffy is the most important.

11: Crack in Acrylic bin: The reason for cracking is basically the high VG ratio, or the corrosiveness of the tobacco oil flavor.

12: whether electronic cigarette is harmful: really,


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