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Classification of electronic cigarettes

Classification of electronic cigarettes

1. Types of common electronic cigarettes:

1. cigar electronic cigarette: the initial appearance of electronic cigarette

2. electronic cigarette: electronic cigarette shaped like a pipe.

3. flat mouth electronic cigarette: cigarette holder is a plastic flat mouth.

4. mini electronic cigarette: the shape is more like the size of a cigarette.

5. lady electronic cigarette: the diameter is very thin, much like a lady's cigarette.

6. Carmizer electronic cigarettes (high-quality electronic cigarettes): the atomizer and smoke bomb integrated together, not easy to leak, more smoke volume

7. soft smoke electronic cigarette: cigarette holder resembling cigarette smoke.

8. disposable electronic cigarette: the cigarette rod of electronic cigarette can not be charged.

9. disposable cigar electronic cigarette: shaped like cigars, but cigarette rods can not be charged.

10.EGO electronic cigarette: larger shape

11.VGO electronic cigarette: adopts cartmizer's larger shape EGO.

12. mechanical electronic cigarette: there is no circuit board, and the current is conveyed to the atomizer terminal by mechanical principle.

13. high power electronic cigarette: it can regulate the number of electronic cigarette tiles and bring large smoke volume.

Two. According to the shape of electronic cigarette,

1. Simulated cigarette: the size and appearance of cigarettes are the same as real cigarettes. When smoking, the top of electronic cigarettes becomes brighter and has the same effect as ash head.

2. non emulation smoke: various shapes

Principle of electronic cigarette smoking

Electronic cigarettes use high-tech silicon chips and airflow sensors to control smoke output and working conditions. Nicotine is atomized. Solutions containing nicotine and flavor are atomized into particles, absorbed through the lungs, and simulated smoke is emitted. It does not contain tar and other harmful ingredients in cigarettes, does not produce secondhand smoke, nor does it diffuse or shroud in a confined space; while traditional cigarettes are lit with tobacco or tobacco, which endangers the health of both smokers and non-smokers.

Electronic cigarettes are now mainly used in some developed countries in Europe and the United States more widely, mainly to replace traditional cigarettes. With the continuous improvement of living standards in China. People are also constantly pursuing a higher quality of life, but also gradually realize the serious harm of smoking, quitting smoking has gradually become a common understanding. Therefore, like electronic cigarette substitutes, it has been gradually welcomed by people.

When inhalation occurs, a high-speed airflow is formed in the sensor, and the airflow sensor senses the inhalation of the population cavity, thereby triggering the airflow sensor switch, making the airflow sensor switch open, and the product begins to enter the working state. The central processing unit controls the execution unit by calculation and measurement. The atomizer is controlled by the central control unit, and the atomization is achieved to varying degrees according to the degree of oral suction. The atomizer consists of a high-frequency oscillating circuit and an electric heating wire. In the atomizer, the high-purity electronic smoke is pressurized by a superfine atomizing pump and enters the atomizing chamber. In the vibration field of the high-frequency ultrasonic, the critical atomization is formed into droplets of about 0.5-1.5 um, which are then dispersed into aerosol form with the inhaled gas to form a simulated smoke vapor. Appearance is similar to smoke, actually fog. The critical atomization condition is to reduce the surface tension of the liquid by heating to the most easily atomized level. Simulating smoke also simulates the temperature of ordinary smoke (50-60 degrees Celsius). At the same time, the green indicator light of the front end of the electronic cigarette lights up, simulating the cigarette burner, indicating that the electronic cigarette is in working condition. When the inhalation is stopped, the air flow in the sensor disappears, the air flow sensor switch is closed, the CPU stops working, the atomizer stops working, and the green indication of the front end of the electronic cigarette is extinguished.


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