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Research and development: in 2025, the output value of the global electronic cigarette industry will reach US $61 billion 400 million.

Research and development: in 2025, the output value of the global electronic cigarette industry will reach US $61 billion 400 million.

According to the Global Electronic Cigarette Industry Trend Report 2025 released by Research and Markets in September of this year (2017), the global electronic cigarette market will grow rapidly at a compound annual growth rate of 20.8% over the next 10 years, and the global electronic cigarette industry is expected to produce US$61.4 billion (about NT$2 trillion) by 2025. Electronic cigarettes are the largest market in the United States, but the Asia-Pacific region will develop rapidly with the highest compound annual growth rate. In 2025, it will account for more than 27% of the world's electronic cigarettes output. The emergence of major Asian markets in China and India shows that the electronic cigarettes industry in the Asia-Pacific region is exploding and growing at an alarming rate.


Electronic tobacco industry is a new industry with horizontal division of labor. Key suppliers include: one is the manufacturer of electronic tobacco mainframe, the mainframe is divided into two categories, electronic tobacco and heating tobacco, electronic tobacco belongs to non-international tobacco group (no tobacco), heating tobacco belongs to international tobacco group (using tobacco). Secondly, the tobacco oil raw material/manufacturer, the tobacco oil raw material manufacturer provides PG (propylene glycol), VG (glycerol or vegetable glycerin), flavor, nicotine and other food additives; the tobacco oil manufacturer is responsible for the proportion of tobacco oil ingredients.

The third is Chip supplier. Chips take charge of power regulation, mode switching, temperature control, power management and other functions of electronic cigarettes. The quality of chips affects the safety, stability, durability of products, and even the taste of atomizers. Fourth, battery, cotton, heating wire accessories manufacturers, electronic cigarettes use 18650 power batteries, battery manufacturers Sony, LG, SAMSUNG, Panasonic, etc. Accessories are cotton, heating wire and so on. These accessories manufacturers are usually not professional electronic cigarette production brands, such as MUJI products. Five, plastic / hardware and other raw materials suppliers, are characteristics of bulk commodities.


In addition, the Taiwan Electronic Cigarette Industry Development Association pointed out that the electronic cigarette industry is an industrial locomotive formed by the combination of many industries, which can be found from the composition of the electronic cigarette industry chain. Therefore, it appealed to the government to set up the electronic cigarette industry special chapter as soon as possible, manage the electronic cigarette industry and assist the development of innovative industries, so as to accelerate the promotion of related industries. Level and transformation, thus promoting domestic economic development and export orders growth.

The association also said that Taiwan has a good foundation in the electronic manufacturing industry, and e-cigarette mainframe supply chain is actually consumer 3C products manufacturing supply chain, is Taiwan's entry into the e-cigarette highly competitive industries. The tobacco oil supply chain is composed of cross-industry operators. Taiwan enjoys international reputation in the food industry, food packaging industry and pharmaceutical machinery industry. It is also a competitive advantage industry for Taiwan to cut into electronic cigarettes.


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