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Obama admitted that he had smoked cigarettes for years and never tried Vaporizer

Obama admitted that he had smoked cigarettes for years and never tried Vaporizer

People's Network, February 28, according to U. S. media reports, President Obama admitted that he had smoked for many years before, but he never smoked Vaporizer, White House spokesman Carney 27 confirmed that he had never seen Obama and other White House personnel smoked Vaporizer.


Asked if Obama had ever tried Vaporizer and felt that they were healthier than traditional cigarettes, Carney said: "The president has quit smoking. As far as I know, he hasn't smoked Vaporizer. I haven't seen anyone smoking Vaporizer in the White House courtyard."

The US Vaporizer sales in 2013 amounted to US $1 billion 500 million. Electronic cigarettes emit steam, not harmful secondhand smoke, so bars, restaurants and many buildings are usually allowed to smoke indoors.



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