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The medical sector promotes the supervision of electronic cigarette materials over the past 10 years.

The medical sector promotes the supervision of electronic cigarette materials over the past 10 years.




Vaporizer are becoming popular. Some medical care advocates urge the government to supervise Vaporizer.


Vaporizer operate on batteries. Their cigarette bile may contain menthol, vanilla or other aromatic ingredients. Some cigarette bile also contains nicotine. The atomizer liquefies the cigarette smoke into mist and the user inhales it directly into the lungs.




Health Canada does not authorize stores to sell nicotine-containing cigarette bile, but it is available on the Internet and in some flea markets. Electronic cigarette, it is a smoking cessation product, or a tobacco substitute.




Analysts estimate the U.S. e-cigarette market will break $10 billion by 2017, with e-cigarettes selling more than regular cigarettes in 10 years, said University of Ottawa Law Professor Swenow.




Sweanor believes that electronic cigarette is a strategy to reduce the risk of smokers.




The British government recently announced a plan to list Vaporizer as a drug since 2016. The Reuters said France would ban smokers from pumping Vaporizer in public places.




The UK's drug and healthcare products regulatory agency said the EU introduced rules in 2016.




Dr. Selby of the Toronto addiction and mental health center said nicotine did not cause the greatest harm.




Selby believes the most important issue is whether Vaporizer can meet manufacturing and statutory inspection standards to ensure that they do not explode and burn smokers. Hygiene regulations conform to manufacturing and regulatory inspection standards in accordance with hygienic conditions to ensure that they do not explode and cause burns. The potential risk of inhaling nicotine in cigarette smoke is also high compared to ordinary cigarettes.




In Toronto's 1 electronic cigarette stores, sales almost doubled every month. Customer Harris says nicotine-free e-cigarettes can be smoked in offices or bars without running outside. According to Vancouver Online


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