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Hongkong banned electronic cigarette to cause industry rebound


The proposed amendment to the Multimedia Regulation Vaporizer Ordinance is expected to be submitted to the Legislative Council for consideration by the end of this year. Hong Kong has earlier indicated its intention to "ban" Vaporizer in a comprehensive manner, provoking a strong rebound in the industry. According to sources, Hong Kong may consider "fading" to avoid less controversial regulatory measures, such as "prohibition of sale to persons under the age of 18" or "as a traditional smoking regulation" and "prohibition of advertising and publicity". At the same time, the latest poll found that only 48% of the people in favour of comprehensive legislation against Vaporizer were. Kwong Zusheng, chairman of the Smoking and Health Commission, disagrees that legislation to ban the sale of nicotine-containing Vaporizer is difficult and impractical, and public health is a top priority.



As long as nicotine is not included in Vaporizer, they need not be regulated by the Pharmaceutical and Poisons Ordinance like traditional cigarettes and can be sold legally. Vaporizer claim to be healthier than traditional cigarettes. However, many studies have shown that Vaporizer contain carcinogens, including the release of formaldehyde and propylene glycol. In addition, the long-term health hazards of Vaporizer are unknown. While Vaporizer are not widely used in Hong Kong, Hong Kong has earlier proposed legislation to ban Vaporizer, including the promotion, manufacture, retail and import of Vaporizer. Mouth and so on.



The "one size fits all" approach has caused the industry's dissatisfaction, and the public has not yet consulted the critics. On the other hand, the Committee on Smoking and Health, which strongly advocates the ban on e-cigarettes, recently issued a public opinion poll, which commissioned HKU to telephone more than 5,000 citizens last year to ask them to "prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to people under the age of 18", "register before sale", "regulate traditional cigarettes" and "prohibit advertising and" Opinions on various measures, such as propaganda, were found to have received public support ranging from 70% to 90% respectively.



However, one of the questions asked whether the public supports a comprehensive ban on e-cigarettes received only 48 percent of the support, with smokers receiving the lowest support. Legislative Councilor Shao Jiahui from the wholesale and retail sectors said the results only reflected the public's inclination to regulate e e-cigarettes, but did not necessarily agree to a total ban. He called on the authorities to follow the traditional cigarette-like legislation on e-cigarettes. It is understood that the government has not "clown" on the "one size fits all" approach, or has the opportunity to consider relaxing.




Li Qihong, vice-chairman of the E-cigarette Association representing the industry, believes that proper regulation is conducive to the healthy development of the E-cigarette market, especially the recent discovery that many children smoke fruit-flavored E-cigarettes. Therefore, the Association has sent letters to Hong Kong and the Smoking and Health Commission many times, asking for legislation and regulations to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and to sell only non-cigarettes. Nicotine Vaporizer should not be misled, but no reply has been received.



Kwong Zusheng, chairman of the Smoking and Health Commission, disagreed with the industry's recommendation. He argued that legislation to ban the sale of nicotine-containing Vaporizer was difficult and impractical. Therefore, it is difficult to ensure user safety. He added that every tobacco control policy would encounter resistance, but the health of the public is the first consideration.


The Food and Health Bureau, in its reply to Eastern. com, said it would formulate appropriate tobacco control policies in accordance with the actual situation in Hong Kong. It is still discussing legislative arrangements with relevant departments and consulting them in due course, but has not disclosed whether it will adhere to the "one-size-fits-all" legislative direction


Support for electronic smoke control measures


Prohibition of publicity and advertising /69.8%


No sale to minors /95.5%


/92.4% must be registered before sale.


/90.1% can only be sold in licensed shops.


Regulate /85.2% as ordinary cigarettes


Comprehensive prohibition of electronic cigarette /48.1%


Source: public opinion poll commissioned by the Committee on smoking and health



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