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How to control Vaporizer is a problem all over the world.

How to control Vaporizer is a problem all over the world.




E-cigarettes have become popular rapidly in recent years, but experts point out that e-cigarettes are emerging products, and the world is discussing how to control them properly. Singapore and Hong Kong prohibit e-cigarettes, while Britain encourages e-cigarettes. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that children and adolescents should take a strict stand in preventing smoking.





Lin Qingli, director of the tobacco hazard prevention and control group of the Taitung Foundation, said yesterday that e-cigarettes have been around for about 10 years. In recent years, the usage and prosecution of e-cigarettes have increased dramatically due to the intervention and strong marketing of e-cigarette factories. However, most countries, including Taiwan, are still discussing how to manage e-cigarettes.




The UK encourages e-cigarettes to reduce carcinogens and second-hand smoke, while the US controls e-cigarettes in the light of tobacco products, strictly requiring labeling, import, sale and use, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia to ban them altogether, and New Zealand has begun to develop policies this year to prepare for opening up.





In South Korea and the United States, where e-cigarettes are now used openly, adolescents are three to four times as likely as adults to suffer from asthma, absence from school and higher rates of smoking in the future. But the dangers and safety of e-cigarettes have been controversial.

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