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How to choose the taste style from the classification of nebulizer

How to choose the taste style from the classification of nebulizer

What are nebulizers? How many kinds of nebulizers are there?

Nebulizer - The place where smoke is produced is the place where the smoke oil is evaporated and converted into smoke. Generally speaking, the nebulizer is electrified to heat the heating wire in the middle and evaporate the surrounding smoke oil into smoke. As the most important part of the steam smoke, the atomizer consists of an inner heater and a smoke tank, in which the heater is a replacement part. Working Principle: Through the air flow induction or button, make the battery work, connected to the atomizer, so that heat, evaporation of smoke oil, produce atomization effect, achieve the same effect as smoking.

Friends who have just started listening to RBA, RTA, RDA, a bunch of R, or just a few watts are basically the most common. To start with, electronic cigarette is basically divided into 2 parts: atomizer and mainframe.


Basically, the nebulizer is divided into two parts: the finished core nebulizer and the reconstituted nebulizer (RBA). Before you elaborate, let's explain the most frequently heard RBA, RTA and RDA.

RBA-Rebuildable atomizer can reconstruct nebulizer.

RTA-Rebuildable tank atomizer can reconstruct oil storage nebulizer.

RDA-Rebuildable dripping atomizer can be used to reconstruct dripping oil atomizer.

The common denominator of all three is rebuildable, and if it can't be rebuilded, it can't be under RBA.

Finished-core nebulizer-first explain the finished-core, because the finished-core is not complex, is the manufacturer's good heating element; the early electronic cigarette only finished-core nebulizer, but the finished-core because only one-time use must be replaced by a new finished-core, long-term cost is not low. Although some people will rebuild their own finished cores, but the number of people is still quite small, and the design of the finished core is not multiple use, so several rebuilds or to replace a new finished core. Simply speaking, finished core is an endless consumable. The advantage is that it is no trouble and time saving.

Reconstructed atomizer, so the name implies that you can make your own heating wire, so you do not have to buy finished cores all the time, your consumables from a finished core only need to make their own heating wire, as long as the thread and cotton plug for ripening can save a lot of money. Reconfigurable atomizers (RBAs) are further divided into two categories: oil storage atomizers (RTAs) and drip oil atomizers (RDAs).

As long as the atomizer itself is designed so that players can make their own heating wire and tank, you can store oil, this is RTA. Not every RTA nebulizer on sale can be rebuilt. Some nebulizers can only be used with finished cores: Arctic nebulizers, for example, can only be used with finished cores, and there are no RBA replaceable components, so they cannot be rebuilt, so they are not classified under RTA.

The other is a self-made atomizer, such as the E-Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix, which doesn't have the finished parts. You have to make the atomizer yourself.

Finally, there are both, for example: UD Goliath V2 Goliath, the atomizer has both replacement components.


In the end, you'll have to ask, is an electronic smoke atomizer a good one? There's no answer, because everyone needs different things, and the economy is different. Finished core often to change, of course, spend a lot of money, but save time, RBA to tie their own wire, but can play with many parts, just look at their own needs.

Which nebulizer tastes good? It's a matter of meeting people's expectations. You think good is the key point. The person who smokes is you. You can only say that every oil has a game that you personally think is most suitable. A fish, to braise red, to stew, to steam, depends on what flavor you like.

Atomizer results are not different, taste is not the same, how to choose the appropriate taste and function of the atomizer, the key depends on personal preferences, oil-storage type of atomizer suitable for novice use, simple and practical operation, dropping oil type: belong to the self-made heating components of the atomizer, the characteristics of the smoke is huge, usually players level to play . DIY homemade type: this type of nebulizer is difficult, and it is not recommended for junior players. The above is the answer to how to choose the taste style from the nebulizer classification, and I hope it will help everyone!


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