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The benefits of Vaporizer  in reducing health risks and improving air quality

Former EPA Director: Don't miss the benefits of VAPE in reducing health risks and improving air quality. National Taiwan University and Former Director of the Environmental Protection Department: The National Health Department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare should take precautions to carefully assess the public health benefits of these new technologies and products and formulate relevant regulations and standards, instead of shooting at the same time.


Inspiration is a foreign language, the original English is inspiration, literati in the early years of the Republic of China do not know how to translate it well, Mr. Lin Yutang humor master inspired to translate it into "tobacco is purer than you". For decades, many literati in the Republic of China, either hold a pipe, or smoke, after all, Nicotine has a relaxed spirit, and it is more pure. Inspires the magic power of "inspiration", there are many scholars and scholars who become addicts.


In the 21st century, when the tide changes, people do not smoke in public places or even in the family's fighting room, mainly because the burning of tobacco will produce tar, volatile chemical substances, PM2.5 and other particles around, making a person alone incense, everyone smells bad, protagonists and supporting actors, physical health are threatened.


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